and now the work of TS EAS which is the new group replacing TS EAD, TS EAC and SDT has begun. We are an international group of 19 members plus some liasons with me (as I’ve already written) and Kathy Wisser as co-chairs. Having all the standards in one group will aid in having all informed and on the same track!

Looking forward to this work!

So we will continue the work with EAD and EAC-CPF together in one group!

Webpage, look in the previous post!



It’s white outside and soon time for a try of out and running. Have updated my clothing and shoes.

Just discovered that they have made changes on Riksarkivets homepage so to find my text about SAA you have to go here instead.

Otherwise the work with eARD goes on. Are waiting for answers on two specifications out on review this week and then due to be ready by the last of December. Have to see how that goes.

Well, hope all are well! Best to go back to work with some SAA related stuff when I have some spare time now.