At XML Prague

Just found out I have some reading an investegation todo. URI’s are starting to getreplaced by IRI’s. Where the later can handle more different letters than the first one. 

Yes, yup reading to do!

Train, train

Had a nice evening with LillVader!
So my small voice now is almost gone. Hope I find it before I leave for a working meeting with SDT on monday! Well sitting behind Johannes Brost now on my way home! Remember seeing Julkalender with him and Siif Ruud. Oh, I’m old….

Still terrible

Still working on getting a grip on this.

Well, have finished writing my travelreports (in swedish) for my trips to SAA 2011 and 2012. Need to find out how all the people from outside of work will find them. Guess they are partly mine?
Next week back to US and work with SDT and the revision of EAD. Looking forward to meeting some people that for now just are a voice on the phone.

See yaa!!!!