Presentation in one week. The first about the windling road to an govermental e-archiving solution, the second about standards and the third one which I made today about common specifications. 

My voice need some rest!!!!



We are not building a free e-archiving solution, we are creating an important part of the whole concept, specifications for exchange of information. 

Think that was my most common answer during the two days of e-f√∂rvaltningsdagarna 2015 when I was standing in Riksarkivets information booth. 

It was also time for the national archivist and me to hand over the e-diamond to a new well deserved winner, Riges project and for me to give a speach about what has happened in one year. 

Now off for the next conference. 


and conference and then some more. Yesterday I talked at the Swedish National Archives conference, an annual conference my department is responsible for. I gave an update on the status of the FGS’s. 

Next week a talk on the e-f√∂rvaltningsdagarna about what has happened since we got the eDiamond award last year for the FGS work. 

And so it continous. And in between actual work with the FGS’s.