Got a voice

Well, travelled to SDT in Charlottesville, VA with my little voice. It started to get back. We had two days of meetings regarding the EAD revision. We have diveded the work amongst us! Thats good so that we help each other and no one have to do the work sll by he/her self. What have we done more, well we have learned how to work with GitHub our version system. That was really easy when you saw how to do it and not relying on the tutorial that gave you a little to much to do. We have decided about naming of elements, how to handle the tag library. In short two productive days!
And after that the train to New York! A short stop on my way to the airport 😉 . First a visit with Mark and Chela, I had fun! A Archives and Activist Conference for one day. Its a difference with tules and regulations between Sweden and US. intresstibg to now more now! A nice trip to Swift involving a left hand and a pumpkin ale where Rebecca meet up. Now I’m at Rebeccas and we have to see what we do!
I now have my voice back!


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