And so it is

Hey, I’m terrible at this!!!

But the journey continous (I still cant spell this word ;-)), I mean the one towards a smaller me.

And notice the day of the digital archives on the 12th of October. Read more here: Day of digital archives

So soon weekend and time for rest. Next week kick-off for our new organization at work and then celebrarion of Danderyds Blåsorkesters 60 year anniversary.

A lot to do….


In the beginning

Well are with a blog what should I do. Well, guess it will come from starting to use it. remember that this is my personal blog and not a work blog even though I probably will have archival related issues sometimes but they are reflecting my opinion. And of course I will write about other stuff to!!

So here we go!!!

Today will be my third time replacing lunch with a run. Feel so much better doing that. Yes, I will eat something afterwards but not a full lunch more meal replacement. I’m on my journey to a new slimmer me and its going good this far.